Suggested Retail Prices for New Systems
and Replacement Parts
A typical Blue Diamond ozone system
consists of an ozone generator mounted on
the wall and a filter inside an atmospheric
storage tank. Rising bubbles of ozone and
air cause water to be drawn through the
filter and it cleans the water.
Ozone Water Treatment ...
The Natural Solution
S1 & S2 Complete Ozone Systems
A Comlete System Includes
the S1 Ozone Generator &
One Filter Assembly
A Complete System Includes
the S2 Ozone Generator &
One Filter Assembly
Blue Diamond's filter is made out
of a special media called "Remay"
which traps impurities with a
special spun-bonded polyester
material. It contains no binders or
solvents and it uses only FDA
approved materials.
Replacement Parts
Diffuser Stone

Filter Element

Filter Assembly

Original UV Lamp Replacement

Stainless Steel Lamp Assembly

Air Pump Assembly





The filter assembly includes the filter element (20"x10"), lift tube and
diffuser stone assembly. It is intended as a replacement for the original
filter assembly that comes with the S1 and S2 Complete Ozone Systems
and earlier ozone systems. Some earlier filter elements (26"x10") which
were used many years ago are available upon special order.
This UV lamp is the original style that has 4 pins on one
end and it has no base or fitting on it. It is used as a
replacement lamp for the legacy UV102, UV202, and
UV202A ozone water treatment systems which used this
type of UV lamp. This lamp is normally changed every
18 months as routine maintenance. Important Note: If
your unit uses another type of UV Lamp (such as a lamp
with a plastic base on one end), then the original UV
lamp can not be used with your existing lamp assembly
and it will be necessary to upgrade to the newer
Stainless Steel Lamp Assembly (SS Lamp Assembly").
In other words, the new SS Lamp Assembly is being
offered as the replacement for that type of system.
Stainless Drinking Water Filter
Filter Assembly & Filter Element
Original UV Lamp Replacement ... $109.38
Stainless Steel Lamp Assembly ... $595.00
The Stainless Steel Lamp Assembly ("SS Lamp Assembly") uses
the same technology as used in the S1 and S2 Ozone Systems.
The lamp assembly includes a new special UV Ozone Lamp and
a stainless steel replacement lamp housing. Normally, this UV
lamp is changed every 24 months as routine maintenance. The
UV Lamp used in the SS Lamp Assembly is a special "longer
life" lamp made with ozone resistant materials which extend the
useful life of the lamp under normal circumstances. The UV lamp
uses a special sealed brass fitting and the lamp housing is
reusable for many years.
This air pump features a Safety Ring Control system ("SRC") which
stabilizes the air pump and minimizes maintenance. It is used as a
replacement for the air pump in the S1 and S2 Ozone Systems (one
or more patents pending) and also as a replacement (in a modified
version) for the original air pump that came with the legacy UV 102,
202, and 202A series ozone generators.
Air Pump Assembly ... $217.00
The drawing below is of the UV102 ozone generator and its
various components. The UV202 had two lamps and one air
pump. The UV202A had two lamps and two air pumps.