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Blue Diamond's specialty applications include systems for water
exercise and rehabilitation therapy. They feature Blue Diamond's
new revolutionary "Sifer" ozone filtration system (one or more
patents pending) which keeps the water clean without chlorine or
other chemicals.

The Cherub is a concept for a personal exercise machine and
home hydro therapy bath. Prototypes are currently under
development using the proven Sifer ozone filtration system. It is
the perfect exercise for those who do not like to exercise. Why?
Because one can watch a movie, listen to music, and enjoy a
total body workout at the same time.

Also available is Blue Diamond's design for a home exercise
room. As you can see in the drawing to the right, the room has a
small pool, treadmill, video screen, and speakers. The "Sifer"
system is in the far corner near the green indoor plant.

Blue Diamond is seeking qualified companies and individuals to
participate in feasibility studies and field tests of these concepts.
Exercise in Pure Spring Water
Mix Entertainment & Exercise
Virtually Maintenance Free
Sliding Ladder for Easy Exit
Energy Efficient Warm Water
Optional Raised Floor

Concept ... Personal Exercise Machine
Concept ... Home Exercise Room
Private Exercise Pool Using Modified "Sifer" Ozone System
Tested Negative for E-Coli & Coliform Bacteria
No Chlorine or Other Chemicals Ever Added
The Clarity of the Water is Remarkable ... No Clarifiers or Adjusters Used
You can swim and watch TV ... mixing entertainment and
exercise. Take in a lecture on biology on YouTube or watch
a documentary on Mozart or Newton. The possibilities are
endless and you may even forget you are exercising and
getting a great workout. The exercise? A kind of
cross-country ski or water polo type movement. Any free
style that keeps you moving and breathing because you can
not stand up in the deeper part of the pool.
The Cherub - a small personal exercise and entertainment machine. Imagine
one in the backyard of your home. Or, picture them lined up at fitness centers.
It is a great cross-training concept - moving around in water in a free-style
fashion, maybe at times moving in a cross-country ski or water polo fashion.
Exercise and watch videos and movies at the same time. Watch YouTube
videos on Mozart, Newton, Einstein ... even attend lectures on MIT's online
university website about biology or electronics. Give yourself an hour a day
mixing entertainment and exercise.

What gives this machine great potential and appeal is the water. The Cherub
stays clean with a conventional filter system and a small ozone aeration system
- a system unlike any other on the market (one or more patents pending). The
water does not need to be treated with chlorine or other chemicals. If it did,
Blue Diamond would not be promoting it. It may sound amazing, but the water
is like bottled spring water and full of oxygen ... its main disinfecting agent.
And, better yet, it needs virtually no maintenance. The owner need not
understand or ever study the complicated pool and spa water treatment
techniques. Periodic maintenance would consist of only brushing the interior
surfaces and vacuuming it every couple of months!