Blue Diamond Ozone Water Treatment System
Typical Applications
Storage Water Treatment Systems
Blue Diamond's ozone water treatment systems can solve problems with surface water from lakes and streams - producing
high quality water without the use of chlorine or other chemicals. Often ozone systems are used in conjunction with rain water
tanks, roughing filters, and slow sand filters.

Ozone Water Treatment ...
The Natural Solution
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Ozone Treatment of Well Water
The most common application for Blue Diamond ozone systems is for the
treatment of well water which is often contaminated with iron, manganese,
and/or hydrogen sulfide. These substances turn the water red, orange, or
even black and can give the water a bad taste and smell. In a typical
application, ozone is generated on site and sent into a filter in the bottom of
an atmospheric storage tank - as pictured below.

The drawing below represents a typical design of a deep well system.
Local dealers typically install various different filters depending upon the
water quality.
Ozone Treatment of Lake and River Water ... "Surface Water"

For proper performance, ozone systems must be designed taking a number of factors into consideration, including the size
of the water tank, the quality of the water and the amount of water used on a daily basis. The type of water tank and
accessories such as water lines, floats, valves, water pumps, etc., must all be taken into consideration. Even the tanks need
to have a proper foundation and be in the proper sequence. Finally, additional filters and accessories may be added
depending upon whether or not the water is used as the source of drinking water. The additional filters might include UV
disinfection systems and ceramic filters. A properly designed water treatment system can be very complicated. To help,
Blue Diamond products are sold through a network of qualified dealers and water treatment professionals who understand
the various treatment options and local standards.
Your Water Treatment Professional is your Best Resource
Blue Diamond also offers ozone systems available
for specialty applications such as water exercise
and rehabilitation. These systems are especially
attractive for those who prefer not to be exposed
to harsh chemicals and chlorine on a daily basis.
Specialty Applications
Water Therapy & Exercise
A typical Blue Diamond ozone system consists of an ozone generator mounted
on the wall and a filter inside an atmospheric storage tank. Rising bubbles of
ozone and air cause water to be drawn through the filter and it cleans the water
without a water pump.