Blue Diamond Ozone Water Treatment System
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Welcome to the Blue Diamond Technologies, Inc. online information center. Our website
contains information about using ozone to provide a natural solution to your water treatment
needs. Blue Diamond's ozone water treatment systems can solve problems with well water
and surface water from lakes and streams - producing high quality water without the use of
chlorine or other chemicals.

Your family will feel the difference with water treated with ozone. Your laundry feels cleaner
and fresher, your showers and baths feel better without harsh chemicals on your skin, and
your fixtures and appliances will look cleaner.

Blue Diamond products are sold through a network of qualified dealers and water treatment
professionals who will be happy to assist you. The design of your water treatment system
may require ozone and other complementary technologies and filters depending upon the
quality of your water and whether or not you use it for drinking water. Water treatment is
important and requires careful consideration of various technologies to meet individual
needs and expectations, not only for the initial installation, but for continuing maintenance.
Our dealers care about your water quality and look forward to long-term relationships.

For well water applications in general, ozone systems reduce iron, manganese, and/or
hydrogen sulfide. These substances turn the water red, orange, or even black and can give
the water a bad taste and smell. For surface water from lakes and streams, ozone systems
can be used with slow sand filters to help clean the water without chemicals or chlorine.

Blue Diamond also has ozone systems available for water exercise and rehabilitation
applications. These systems are especially attractive for those who prefer not to be exposed
to noxious chemicals and chlorine on a daily basis.
A typical Blue Diamond ozone system consists of an
ozone generator mounted on the wall and a filter
inside an atmospheric storage tank. Rising bubbles of
ozone and air cause water to be drawn through the
filter and it cleans the water without a water pump.
Ozone Water Treatment ...
The Natural Solution
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Benefits of Water Storage?
Maintain a plentiful supply of water with
even low-producing wells
Please Note:
The Blue Diamond Ozone Filtration System by itself if not intended to make unsafe water
potable. It is not a drinking water filter. If you know or suspect that your water contains
harmful bacteria or microorganisms, consult your water treatment professional.
Clean and maintain a large quantity of
water economically and efficiently
Keep plenty of water during times of
an emergency or power outage